Please Don’t Hate Me Cuz We Home School

Pardon me for a moment while I step into a stereotype. I know it doesn’t fit me very well, but that’s sort of the point about stereotypes. They promise to be one-size-fits-all and then fall dreadfully short once you start dressing up in them.


There. I said it. I hope you don’t hold that against us, and if we could go on still being friends and all, that would be swell. But just in case you are dubious, I’d like to clear the air about a few things because this stereotype I’m wearing is rather uncomfortable.

We’re Not Better Than You

We don’t think we’re better than you because we home school. We don’t question your parenting or your judgement if you choose not to do it. Your kids are still good enough to be friends with our kids, in fact we hope you think the same.

We Don’t Know If We’ll Do It Forever

It is the right thing for us in the season we’re in now. My wife and I are enjoying these years with our kids and while many things factored into our decision to try this out, the primary one was spending more time together as a family and enjoying our children while they are still young.

We Loved Public Pre-K

We don’t hate public schools. Two of our three children have been through the Georgia public Pre-Kindergarten program. They loved it and we loved it. All things considered, our third child will go through it also. It was a great start to their educational careers.

I’m Cherishing The Extra Time

It’s a lot of work, most of which my wife accomplishes. But one thing that I’ve enjoyed is that field trips now happen on weekends and they are a family event. We’ve been to planetariums, museums, nature centers, and more. My wife and I are rediscovering this wonderful world in which we live and we are doing it along side our kids. I genuinely believe this focused time together is a unifying agent within our family.

There is consensus among all of the home schoolers I’ve spoken to that home schooling isn’t good for everyone.

But it’s good for us right now and that’s good enough for me.

Chris Ames


I am an Internet citizen, sarcasm enthusiast, and digital practitioner. I am married to the lovely Dewdette and we have 3 children: The Artist, The Smiling One, and Boy.

7 responses to Please Don’t Hate Me Cuz We Home School

  1. I think its a great thing that you do. We did it for the first year for our first child.

    It came down to being more of a perfection thing for my wife than a good fit for our daughter. She is now thriving in 1st grade BUT I would love to have seen a few more years under the belt.

    Just remember – one year at a time. Our goal was to re-evaluate each year. It makes it easier thinking long term.

  2. Huh. We just do it so we can stay in our pajamas and get cheap theatre tickets. You do know about the cheap theatre tickets, right?

    Seriously tho, well said.

  3. We have chosen to homeschool our 3 girls as well and get verbally attacked by our families on a regular basis, being told we are “ruining our children”. It just so happens many of our siblings work in public education as teachers, so they take offense as if just by doing it we are saying it’s because we think they are lousy teachers (which of course isn’t true).

    It sucks but we know we’re making the right choice for our family. Good for you guys too.

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