Elliot Allen Ames arrived on Earth around 3:20am this past Monday morning. Due to the planet’s gravity, he registered 6 lbs 11 oz and he was 19.5 inches long. His 2 sisters Savannah and Sydney, who had arrived on the planet 2 and 5 years prior, were delighted to finally fulfill their dreams to hold him in their arms.

Chris Ames


I am an Internet citizen, sarcasm enthusiast, and product midwife. I am married to my lovely Dewdette, and we have 3 children: TheArtist, TheSmilingOne, and Boy.

53 responses to It Is My Pleasure to Present… Our Son

  1. How precious! Congratulations!

  2. Another 'master piece'. Good job!

  3. Welcome to the world, ElliotDewde!

  4. Wow – it took you 5 days to decide on name for him and what 5 minutes to produce a video and get it posted!!! You have out done yourself!

  5. ok. this was pretty cool.

  6. Congratulations. Beautiful.

  7. so beautiful I love the name

  8. Great name and great video. Did you do that with your D90 or another camera? I thought one time you told me you had some kind of Canon HD camera.

    • Thanks Jay! I used the old reliable Canon HV20.

      You cannot pan with the D90 because of the rolling shutter issue. Also, with no autofocus while recording, the other half of the shots (the zoom ones) would be blurry because they would require a perfect manual focusing which is hard enough with an optical viewfinder and downright impossible with a LCD one.

      D90 takes purty pictures though!

      peace | dewde

  9. Could you have picked a more perfect song? I think not.
    Awesome video.
    I feel like I am apart of your family now after watching that.
    Love the name as well.

  10. Great video. Welcome to earth Elliot. What a great looking family you have Chris.

  11. I LOVE reading the girls' lips when the smile and say "holding my baby brother"! Well done on all accounts and congrats! Hope the transition to home goes smoothly!

  12. perfection. your kids (and their future spouses) are going to LOVE you for all the time you've put into making these videos for them.

    way to capture the moment.

  13. Elliot Allen is a wonderous name, friend. I love it. Although, Kenneth or Billy Reuben were still sweet options. Love the video. If you feel like high-fiving your wife from a stranger in another state, do so on my behalf. God bless. :-)

  14. Amazing, amazing, amazing. What a gift for your family when the kids grow up and a gift for us watching it now! Congrats!!

  15. Beautiful! Both your family and the video.

  16. Great name! You and your wife must be good parents to pick a name like that.

  17. With Elliott's arrival, the world got a little bit more awesome.

    Great video.

  18. Congratulations and welcome to Earth Elliot!

  19. Fantastic!!!!!! sisters starting off on the right foot. Congratulations.

  20. Adorable. Congrats Ames gang and welcome to the planet Elliot!

  21. CHRIS!

    Congratulations to you and your family. The smiles are heartwarming and the world needs more dewdes. Welcome Elliot Allen!!

    Love love love the video.

  22. OK, that was cool. Wish I had a video of my babies like that. Three now well it's time for zone defense. Thanks for sharing the video.

  23. First of all, all preciousness aside, that was an amazing video.

    Second of all, it made me cry.

    Thirdly… now I want another baby. Gee, thanks ;)

  24. Chris…..how great this is!!

    I love the anxiety, tension, eagerness that can be seen in both your daughters faces as they approach the room……terrific. Song is perfect and the video tells such a beautiful story….well done

  25. Congrats.
    1st boy, u have a competition now :)

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