Rockin the Tree

Chris Ames —  November 26, 2009 — 15 Comments

It’s no secret, Carlos Whitaker loves time lapse video. Last year he recorded his family decorating the tree using an awesome song from August Burns Red. This year, I decided to follow suit.

Chris Ames


I am an Internet citizen, sarcasm enthusiast, and digital practitioner. I am married to the lovely Dewdette and we have 3 children: The Artist, The Smiling One, and Boy.

15 responses to Rockin the Tree

  1. Another masterpiece. Good job Chris.

  2. Awesome. Dug the music. Welcome back to the blogosphere.

  3. Well done! I can't believe the abominable snowman is your tree topper…awesome! Our tree is a little less kid friendly than yours :)

    • Yeah I bought @dewdette the entire plush Rudolph collection 10 years ago. When we had Sydney, they became our staple on the tree. Totally kid-safe.

  4. very cool man. love the music.

  5. i love how you just brought the whole tree in… already decorated. but the best part… when you twirled around… with yourself… and the camera.

    you're so awesomely strange!

  6. Excellent! And great entertainment for post-suburban rural homeschoolers!

    • Haha! I can only imagine. And I am thankful that I can only imagine… because the alternative would be me knowing from first hand experience.

      That would be a bummer.

      peace | dewde

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