Hiding My Shame

Chris Ames —  September 19, 2008 — 15 Comments

I own both Apples and PCs, but my primary machine is the MacBook Pro. I wanted to edit video with Apple tools, but write software with Microsoft tools, and this machine fit the bill.

The first thing I noticed when I purchased it was that people started treating me differently. Like, interrupting me at StarBucks and striking up conversations when I was trying to work. Apparently I had inadvertently joined a club. So to remedy the problem, and prove that I have no intention of being more elite and smug than I was previously, I grabbed a sticker and covered up the Apple emblem.

Problem solved, with a bit of style no less. The sticker is from Jeff’s Coding Horror blog, of which I am a subscriber.

Chris Ames


I am an Internet citizen, sarcasm enthusiast, and digital practitioner. I am married to the lovely Dewdette and we have 3 children: The Artist, The Smiling One, and Boy.

15 responses to Hiding My Shame

  1. love it haha! love my mac.. but don’t get me started with the way apple employees will treat you in the store…

  2. I love your idea for the sticker!

    @jared – Yeah, I was made to feel like I was totally clueless about Macs (I kind of was). And everytime I go in there, it’s the same thing, although once they know I have a MBP, I’m put in some sort of Glee Club and feel really weird. The iPhone ownership is another realm all together.

    I love my Mac for what it offers me, the awesome video/audio tools, the compatability with the iWork tools, and the ability to do dev work in VS2008.

    And your wall… Italian plaster? I did that a couple of years ago in my kitchen. It took me WEEKS to get it done.

  3. Nice, another MBP .Net developer. Good to meet you John. I did the plaster-work myself. Worked on it for a frickin week solid, but dude that was 8 years ago and it looks just as good today. Plus when a kid throws food on the walls you dont worry if it leaves a stain! love it.

  4. Kids’ food stains == instant fresco. Very italian.

  5. Yes. That’s exactly what I need to do… now to find the appropriate sticker…

  6. I will NEVER be able to understand these Mactards who have nothing better to do than to run around high-fiving every Mac user they see. Oh my God, there’s a Mac!

    When you buy a Mac, you somehow get automatically enrolled into a community of idiots. It’s a computer, not a social movement, you ********. Apple does not sell ways of life!

    Covering up the Apple logo will help, but you might want to consider shaving your head and tatting a swastika on your cheek to get complete isolation from these ***clowns.

    Good luck!

  7. “Mactard” – that’s awesome. :-)

    Not sure about the current bunch of Mac nerds, but I’ve had a Mac on my desk since about 1985. (Zero Sr. even had a Lisa.) There was a time when finding someone who voluntarily used and liked Macintoshes was sort of like finding the only other person at the party that didn’t treat you like a leper.

    Saying “I use a Mac” used to be a stigma, not a fashion statement. Now that it’s a fashion statement, it’s probably *still* a stigma.

  8. I try not to take sides on the mac v. pc debate, but just had to post…

    “Mactard” = simply brilliant!

  9. You know what, I think I would have rather you not published my comment than censored it. Yeah, it’s your blog and you do what you want with it, but I deserve to know ahead of time if you’re going to blatantly edit my message. Even an email saying “Sorry Josh I wasn’t pleased with your language in the recent comment, but since it was overall worthwhile I censored it accordingly. Hope you don’t mind.” would have been awesome. Now I just completely violated.

  10. @Josh – You are absolutely right and I was spectacularly wrong. It’s common courtesy and I missed it. I intend to fully follow the protocol you outlined from now on.

    I’m sorry for not contacting you first, and asking what you prefer.

  11. He really is hiding his shame… and mine when we go for coffee.
    BTdubs, I told you it was a cult. =D

    long live windows mojave!

    does this count as trolling?

  12. Nice sticker! I like Coding Horror too, and write .NET on a MBP. I've noticed the weird social aspect of owning a Mac too. The day I bought it one of the employees at Best Buy congratulated me on buying a Mac. I'm sure if I brought it out in public more I'd get strange looks. I think you already saw my sticker: http://flickr.com/photos/lancefisher/3086700758/

  13. amazing! good solution!

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